In a highly competitive environment with finite resources, demonstrating and communicating your unique value to stakeholders is more important than ever. Oftentimes, non-profits must embrace a systems-change approach to truly address their mission.  We provide nonprofit consulting to develop strategies and partnerships that scale their work to take their impact to the next level.

Share Our Strength

Share Our Strength is a nonprofit organization that works to end hunger and poverty in the U.S. and abroad. Through proven and effective campaigns like No Kid Hungry and Cooking Matters, Share Our Strength connects people who care to ideas that work. Share Our Strength believes that everyone has a strength to share to help ensure every individual can live a healthy and productive life.

Urban School Food Alliance

The Urban School Food Alliance (USFA) was created by school foodservice professionals in 2012 to address the unique needs of the nation’s largest school districts. As a nonprofit group, USFA shares best practices and leverages their purchasing power to continue to drive food quality up and costs down while incorporating sound environmental practices. This mission is driven by their passion to provide its 3.3 million students delicious and healthy meals – proper nutrition they need to do well in school. And, at the same time, USFA wants to help make the overall school food service program more efficient and effective.

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